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HazardCall is always on.  We are your 'storm detector'. Residents are notified when potentially deadly threats are imminent; no false alarms.

Time critical, life threatening events are fast and automated. 

Proven and trusted by millions, we have helped save lives since 2007.

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Proven as a life saving service since 2007

The reason MHI chose to partner with WeatherCall Services is our track record. HazardCall is a service that is based on technology developed in 2007 and refined since.  No other consumer based service exists in the nation today like it.  Developed by WeatherCall Services, LLC, based in Parker, CO, the service is credited with helping to save countless lives in some of the nation's most prolific tornado outbreaks since its launch.  HazardCall was developed specifically for the manufactured housing industry, to give communities the 'heads-up' residents need to make decisions about approaching impactful weather events, including tornadoes, hurricanes, dangerous thunderstorms, winter snow and ice storms, and others.  We will not tell people where to go, but that they need to make a safety decision based on watches, warnings and advisories issue by the National Weather Service (NWS).

The HazardCall Advantage for Your Community

We have heard that a few text only services exist in the industry.  Will a text message awaken a family at 3am?  HazardCall will, and save lives because of it. And will that service work fast enough to save lives in immediate danger? For decades, the manufactured housing industry has been looking at safety in the homes, and have been making safety improvements in their design, manufacture and anchoring, at a far greater pace than in stick-built homes.  Yet the national and local media has given little credit to those who have poured their lives into safety.  HazardCall is another major step in improving the safety of your community.  By alerting literally EVERY HOUSEHOLD in one of your communities to real and impactful weather threats, you are showing your residents and those outside the community you are fully committed to remaining on the cutting edge of safety.  It is also a 'PR insurance' policy, so to speak, giving you the response to any media outlet that would want to have your community perceived as anything less than safe.

Taking the Surprise Out of Impactful Weather Means TRUST

If you think you can monitor every weather possibility, nationwide, and alert people in real-time, think again.  You cannot. Severe and impactful weather can happen in seconds but should never be a surprise.  The National Weather Service is the best team of 4,000 meteorologists and forecasters in the world.  Putting this team to work for your community by adding HazardCall will show your residents they can trust you.  When the NWS issues a warning, they have determined that a threat to safety is real, and imminent.  We are a NO FALSE ALARM SERVICE.  How can we say that?  The most impactful NWS warnings are based on a specific storm heading towards a specific location.  When residents get a phone call or text message alerting them to a threat, it is specific to that community, not their entire county, as most apps and other services do.  When HazardCall notifies your residents, the weather will get bad.  We have that track record of trust with our customers.

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There is no service available in the United States like HazardCall. Make your community stand out from all other options in your area.

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