Becoming a HazardCall Community

Register as a HazardCall Community

Click on THIS LINK.  Here you will work with us on learning how to sign up through our very simple process.  In the near future, community owners/managers will be able to create an account for their community without our assistance, determine the administrator for the account, and start adding residents right away.  There, you can put in the number of sites in your community and determine the monthly and/or annual costs.  The cost is usually between $0.22 and $0.30 per site per month!  You are purchasing one subscription to HazardCall per site, with additional subscriptions available to additional household members.

The costs are based on a very simple premise and can either be billed annually or monthly.  While a set-up and admin fee of $200/year annually is the starting point, we then charge $2.50 per site per year, counting each site your property manages.  Offering this to 100% of your properties provides you with information if the media ever comes calling after a destructive event.  By telling them every resident is offered a groundbreaking impactful weather safety tool, you are armed with the ability to defeat the perceptions created outside of the manufactured housing industry, and show that not only is construction and anchoring equal to or superior to stick-built homes, your community leads in providing a safety tool for each of your managed sites.

Download Documents to Publish and Share with Residents

After you sign up, we send you to a product launch page for the documents and instructions you need to launch this service into your communities.  These documents include:

  • A printable page to share with your community's residents giving details about HazardCall
  • Instructions for smart-phone users and non-smart phone users on how to access their notification account
  • Instructions on how to load your residents into our notification system
  • An opt-out form to allow residents who do not want to participate to provide you with that very important record
  • Information to share with residents on how to purchase additional subscriptions for $7.95/yr, or $1.25/month

Share This Link with Your Residents

THIS LINK is an information page to let your residents learn more about this service you have purchased to help protect them.  There is also a link for them to sign up more members of their household.  With a revenue share opportunity available to the property for each added paid subscription, there is an opportunity to pay for the entire service, as well as create a small revenue stream, depending on how well it is marketed across your community.