MHI Partners w/ WeatherCall Services Launching HazardCall


MHI Announces Partnership

Washington, DC, October 4, 2017

MHI Teams Up with WeatherCall Services to Bring Severe Weather Alerting System to Industry Members

An Affordable Service that is Saving Lives

MHI proudly announces a partnership with WeatherCall Services, LLC, to provide HazardCall for MHI Communities. (Please go to that link to watch a brief video to learn more.)

This important, affordable service saves lives and gives property owners peace of mind. HazardCall is different from anything else on the market because it calls your residents, as well as sending them texts and emails when dangerous and impactful weather is headed for their specific location. Your residents receive specific instructions on what to do, such as “seek the best shelter immediately.”

Most notifications from weather apps go unnoticed, but HazardCall’s urgent phone calls are designed to disrupt the recipient so they will take immediate life-saving action.  HazardCall is the only service that delivers official National Weather Service (NWS) dangerous and impactful weather warnings and advisories, via phone calls, text messages and emails, depending on the urgency of the danger. Surprisingly, it only costs between 22-30 cents per community site a year for an MHI member, based on the same criteria as MHI’s membership principles.

“HazardCall is not one of the hundreds of worthless ‘free-apps’ in the marketplace because it is accurate, reliable and tested.  These are watches, warnings and advisories from the National Weather Service,” said Brad Huffines, Chief Meteorologist of WeatherCall Services, and FEMA instructor of emergency public information. “For 8 years, I have staked my family’s lives on our company’s services in some of the most dangerous regions in the nation.  Would you stake your family’s life on free? I wouldn’t.”

WeatherCall reduces the number of 'false alarm' alerts people receive by only calling and/or texting when the precise geographic location is inside the warning area defined by the NWS. Other weather alert services provide alerts for entire counties, or even areas more broad.  For severe storms and tornadoes, those warned areas are small, precise and specific.  When you receive a HazardCall phone call, then you know the weather will get bad.

“Not only are you saving lives, but you are getting the benefit of PR insurance by making this available to your residents,; said Jenny Hodge, vice president of research for MHI and staff liaison for MHI’s National Communities Council.  “When the TV cameras show up, do you want to be shaking your head sadly saying, “If we only had a warning in the middle of the night that this tornado was coming? If your community is in the path of a severe storm or tornado, then this service provides extra assurance that your residents will be notified promptly about what actions to take for their safety.”

“This service is almost ‘stupid-cheap’, and shows your extraordinary commitment to your residents’ safety. We pride ourselves on the fact that people who live in manufactured home neighborhoods have a strong sense of community and look out for each other. This is one way, as an owner, that we can further foster that family feeling, telling your residents ‘we are looking out for you, and want you to be safe’.”  

When you sign up for service, you get a launch packet complete with sample letters or emails to send to your residents.  More information and FAQs are at  


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