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Click the button below to request a short-term demonstration of how we deliver precision warnings of severe weather as well as allow you to send impactful messages to residents in your community.


Becoming a HazardCall Community

Step 1


Click on the button below and give us enough information to contact you. We will explain this robust communications tool, discuss your communities' needs, how it is set up to operate with minimal staff impact, and determine pricing.

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Step 2


After you sign up, we send you the documents and instructions you need to launch this service into your communities and explain it to your residents and prepare them. We help you in setting up a database of your residents.

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Step 3


Once your service is set up, database installed, we launch the service on the date and time you prefer, and turn over the keys to you and your staff. You have all the controls, or our customer service can continue to assist you.

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